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Body resonance

It is what we live during childbearing. A large vibrant body (the mother) accepts a new life (the presence of the consonant “V” indicates the vibrations of being alive). Musical instruments are made to vibrate. History of music confirms that instruments used to produce sounds are never enough to satisfy the creative and expressive needs of men.
The sound box of the baby-grand is a wonderful resonance box. It is essential to use acoustic musical instruments rather than electronic equipment. What creates the resonance id the vibration of the sound waves. Without this living vibration there is not any sound, there is not the co-vibration (body resonance), it is not possible to recall life before birth. Using electronic equipment based on limited sound waves “… provokes reactions in the neurovegetative nervous system (which controls heartbeats and blood pressure” [1]. Studies carried out by Bertelè in collaboration with other specialists demonstrate the negative and irreversible effects on the neurovegetative system due to the use of electronic equipment with limited band.
Using the sound box of the baby-grand there is no problem because the acoustic instruments produce sounds rich in harmonies. In this way, we will be always in a balanced situation. The use of the sound box in humanistic music therapy is done through the use of the clinical improvisation at the piano; what happens depend on us, on the non-verbal dialogue made of rhythms, melodies and harmonies led by postures, breath, glances etc. of the child (patient).

Video 1 Harmony and musicality in body expression
Instrument and body resonance in activities of improvisation and listening.


[1Laura Bertelè Il linguaggio emozionale del corpo - Ed. Baldini Gastoldi Dalai, Milan, 2003

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