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Language problems and/or troubles

Age of development

stammer, dyslalia, vocal dysphonia, cord lumps, tachilalia, falsetto voice etc.)


When there are troubles or problems on verbal production it is appropriate to consider the child (teenager or adult) in his totality.
The mouth is the place from which the word come out.
The vibrant body is the place where words are formed. Considering the mouth or the breathing as the things to work on means treating the symptoms and not the person in his complexity.
Every language trouble comes from the history of every single person. It develops in the relationship with other people, with the environments, with the daily actions. Words come from dialogue. The word has not any reason to exist as word. Without any relationship or an interpersonal there is no reason to talk.
Leading a person to discover how difficult listening (to the vibrant body) can be is the first step towards the demonstration of the real value of words like: “welcome, lack of judgement, respect, the value of a trouble as external display of something which is inside”.
Getting the intonation of the real voice back (that is without the trouble) causes changes in the vision of the world and of oneself in relation with the others. The experiences and their elaboration are at the origin and at the solution of the linguistic problem.
For example, stammer ( it happens to experience the discomfort coming from listening to a person who cannot speak fluently) is the expression of particular emotional situations. It is impossible to give valid solutions for all those suffering from stammer. With every person we relate in a subjective way, looking for a dialogue rooted in sound and music which allows us to focus on what really interrupts the language and starting facing the obstacle.

Scientific Aspects

With children, we advise to work in presence of parents. The real therapeutic work, through the interaction with the child, is addressed to parents. A systemic way of working helps in facing the problem. The family is the place where a child was born, but growing he get to know wider social contexts. This is the system where experiences, learning, interpersonal relationships take place. Working with the "Circular Relationship" allows us to work in the system where the child grows, encouraged by a consistency which helps the self-esteem. Working with music therapy permits the parents to have their confidence back, opening towards wider horizons, and deleting their anxiety to start the overcoming of children’s difficulties.

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