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Prenatal children

Age of development

The emotional basis of the relationship mother-child. The arrival of a newborn in a family.


Taking care of the mum during pregnancy involves taking care of the child. The body of the mum receives a new life. Corporeity is at the centre of attention in a theoretical and phenomenological structure. Taking care of the mum has the value to accompany her and to listen to what happens inside her to seize the value and the importance of being mum. The history of every person is written in his body. Being listened to (by body resonance) to be able to listen ( notice the emotions which occur through listening and memory of particular moments) is the condition to listen to oneself and share the fact of growing, moving and of being excited: all things which link a child to his mum. The mother’s body is the “First Orchestra” that plays for her son. The mum is the composer and the director which creates the sounds that the child will rediscover after his birth.

Scientific Aspects

Body Resonance.
Listening to one’s body because it is the dwelling of a new life.
The particular use of the voice.
Welcoming sounds, through body resonance to understand how and why sounds are always present, even never absent, in every moment of life.
The value of the voice, approaching a cot.
The capacity, exquisitely maternal, to welcome gestures, movements, the first guttural and vocal sounds as reflection, attachment, growing and confidence in life.

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