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Relationship with the Rehabilitative and medical team

Music therapist, when possible, meets the medical team and the other professionals working with the same patient. It is not easy to express with words what happens in music therapy because words do not replace sounds. In music therapy we act through the creation of music through a direct and immediate relationship. This does not go beyond acting according to a specific therapeutic aim. This principle is opposite to the use of pre-established programmes in the rehabilitation field.
Language problems, for example, are treated in music therapy through therapeutic criteria that do not conciliate with the methods used in re-education and rehabilitation like augmentative communication or teach. This does not impede the patient (in this case, most of them are children) from gaining benefit in the creative actions of music therapy and in a more schematic way in rehabilitation and re-education. It is important to participate in team meetings to understand the roles so as to create a human consistency in the relationship with the child.