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Presence of parents

The presence of parents is desirable with children, essential with the youngest, occasional with teenagers and sometimes useful with adults.
What happens if parents participate in music therapy? The answer is easy. Any participant can gain benefit from unpredictable events. It is difficult to say with words what happens in music therapy. The sound is the main feature of this discipline. Let’s analyse it:
- parents (or at least one of them) know the story of the child;
- parents know the child’s behaviour;
- parents, knowing the child’s behaviour, know also the meaning and the importance of some gestures, new ones or strange ones;
- parents are able to point out some unusual behaviours;
- parents can gain benefit from the actions of the professional to relate with the child in a different way, learning to enhance what the child does;
- parents analyse together with the professional the reasons of a new behaviour;
- etc.
The presence of parents allows intervening on the family system without discussing, giving indications or criticising them. With parents the professional usually starts a method in which he is not the only one who decides. The child is at the centre of attention and he is involved in the activities where everyone learns, first of all, how to live together. This happens through the improvisation at the piano. A possibility to grow where every participant can gain a benefit in the way of seeing the world.