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With the words Matching Pacing Leading the P.N.L. wants to focus the creation of the therapeutic relationship. Matching means to be reflected, pacing means going on with the patient, backing him up, and leading is guiding the patient towards a constructive way. So, it is possible to make an analysis a posteriori. Actually, in the real life it is not always possible to discriminate moments of matching and moments of pacing or leading. The dialogue in music therapy changes minute after minute. When matching or pacing, the professional knows that he is carrying out a relationship. It is a specific matching or pacing changing every second during the therapy. Matching includes leading and pacing; leading includes pacing and matching; pacing includes matching and leading in the exchanging of energies between the patient and the therapist who leads the situation and seize the non verbal signals so as to take a direction. Leading is done through the clinical improvisation which includes all the differences of sound dialogue. Every gesture is being created. The meaning of therapy, in music therapy, is in the future, in the moments between present and future characterizing the temporality of sound, music and life. The future is in Leading because an inner change is to go towards, that is the event which is “in fieri” in a vital and therapeutic becoming.